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About Moissanite

It's really not hype - it's true. Only a jeweler is capable of detecting the difference between a moissanite stone and a natural diamond! 

Moissanite is an extremely rare stone which was first discovered by Dr. Henri Moissan in a meteor crater in 1893.  It was later re-created and now perfected for use in jewelry. With a refractive index of 2.65-2.69, moissanite exhibits more brilliance than diamond. And thanks to a dispersion that’s 2.4 times higher than diamond, moissanite bends light into mesmerizing rainbow flashes of fire over two times more than diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire. Moissanite is also extremely durable with a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs Scale (diamond is rated 10, ruby and sapphire is rated 9, emerald is rated 7.5 - see chart below). (Source: Charles & Colvard)       

We are excited to introduce Forever One™ moissanite - the latest innovation in moissanite. Forever One™ is whiter and more brilliant than anything you've ever seen. You won't believe your eyes! <<Shop our huge collection of unique moissanite rings with all natural diamond accents >>

Forever Brilliant® and Forever One cost more than classic moissanite because they are four to six grades higher in both clarity and color than classic moissanite. The difference is in the color and price point. Forever Brilliant® moissanite is in the near-colorless G-H-I range. Forever One™ is considered colorless by GIA standards and is graded in the D-E-F range. (Source: Charles & Colvard)

Forever Brilliant Forever One Moissanite stone comparison


Every Forever Brilliant® and Forever One® comes with a certificate of authenticity and a limited lifetime warranty from Charles & Colvard ensuring that the stone will maintain its brilliance and fire, without ever fading or changing color. Its beauty will last for generations. (Source: Charles & Colvard)


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