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About Diamond Quality

The quality of the diamonds in a piece of jewelry makes a huge difference.

Unlike many mass-market jewelry sites, our location in New York City's Diamond District allows us to handpick only the finest quality diamonds for our entire collection.

  • As diamond dealers who have been in the heart of New York City's famed "Diamond District" for more than 40 years, we have access to the largest source of diamonds in the world for the best price possible. 
  • Unlike many big box stores and mass market sites, at Mondi, the minimum quality of diamonds we use -- for accent stones -- is "G-H" color and "VS2-SI1" clarity.  (see diagrams below). So you are guaranteed that the diamonds in our pieces are white (near colorless) and that there will be no inclusions visible to the naked eye (SI+ Slightly Included or better).
  • Our diamonds are all certified conflict-free through the Kimberly Process.

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